The Racing Experience

The best experiences in life are real!

There’s nothing virtual about this experience - it’s Formula One action on the water.

You are actually racing onboard multi-million dollar International America’s Cup Class yachts.

Grab the wheel and steer to victory or sit back and enjoy the exhilarating ride - no prior sailing experience is necessary, just a desire to win...

Your heart will be in your mouth as these stunning yachts bear down on each other with only inches to spare.

The outcome of the race is determined by you and your crew’s ability to out-manoeuvre your opponents.

Following the race, you will have the opportunity to swap positions with our professionals and have some one-on-one time to see if you have what it takes to get you to the next America’s Cup!

This experience is truly unique - Nassau is the only venue in the whole of the Caribbean and East Coast of the US where you can jump onboard an International America’s Cup Class yacht and go racing.

Thanks to the crew for a memory we won't soon forget. They may remember us as the two that were very enthusiastic about the grinding :)

Tammy Rinaldi

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